What type of person subscribes to a car?

Well the answer is simple, anyone! There are many benefits for people to ditch the old way of owning a vehicle and below should help you navigate through some of the questions you may have in-regards to your own situation. People and businesses these days are seeking alternatives to the long-term financial commitment of a vehicle purchase, be it due to their current personal position, business setup, lifestyle or potentially finance being too expensive or declined.

Many customers find the ongoing finance repayments plus the additional costs of interest, depreciation, registration, and upkeep hard to justify. Instead they are seeking vehicles for shorter periods of time and for particular purposes, to suit their lifestyle. Be it a sedan for a new employee still on probation, a 4WD to tow a caravan, or a luxury vehicle to replace their older model, subscription for many, delivers the flexibility they desire.

Private Subscription Benefits

  • Flexible Innovative Driving Options (FIDO) is our motto. We can offer flexible terms of 4, 6 or 9 month subscriptions.
  • You always have an up-to-date model in your driveway that has the latest styling, tech and safety features available
  • It is cost effective. Traditionally changing cars regularly is expensive. How-ever with Fido we have found a way to make it as cost effective as owning a vehicle and in many examples cheaper!
  • No Service, maintenance, registration, insurance* or depreciation costs to allow for its just one simple payment
  • Perfect if you need a new car for your new job and finance is not an option.
  • Ideal if you have limited time on a visa that means your finance term is just too short.
  • Our approval criteria isn’t as tough as you would have to pass an approval for finance. So if you have been declined on finance ask us if we can help.
  • Wanting a 4WD for a few months only that could tow? We can assist we our short-term subscription periods.
  • Pick up your new car from your local city dealer and receive that new car delivery experience or we can organise delivery to you*.
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Business Subscription Benefits

When it comes to business subscribing to a vehicle just makes sense. There are many benefits to subscribing rather than leasing, financing or buying a vehicle outright when you are business. Below are just some of the advantages your business may be applicable for:

  • One Simple monthly payment. Accounting is made easy when you only have to allow for only one monthly payment.
  • No depreciation. Other than the finance payments, depreciation is the biggest hidden ownership cost.
  • Rental payments are off your Balance Sheet. Due to all our contracts being less than 12 months your Fido Advance monthly payments could be held off your balance sheet.
  • Tax Advantages. The monthly rental amount is tax deductible when the car is being utilised to generate revenue for your business.
  • Brand New Cars. New vehicles for tools of trade have many advantages from staff retention, Workplace Health & Safety, to promoting your business to prospective clients. They also ensure you have the latest in technology and safety in your fleet
  • Telematic tracking. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. You can upgrade your rental amount to enable your business to receive information from Utilisation, Speed, Driver ID, Fuel Consumption, Detailed reports, Fatigue management to live locations.
  • Multiple term Options
  • We offer 4,6 and 9 month terms which give you the ability to subscribe to a vehicle when only you, a probationary employee or a project needs it.
  • Accident Vehicle Replacement. You can upgrade your rental amount to have the security that if any of your vehicles are in an accident you will have a replacement vehicle available to you within 24 hours.
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