FIDO Advance

Fido Advance has been developed to support automotive dealers to capitalise on the growing car subscription market. We offer a ready-made solution that dealers can offer their customers, whilst removing the need to raise the capital to fund it.

Offering car subscription gives dealers a solution for clients who want vehicle flexibility or who may have been declined finance due to current tough assessment criteria. Subscription helps creates a steady stream of returning customers and a supply of quality used cars.

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Fido Rideshare

Flexible Innovative Driving Options (FIDO) are innovators in the mobility sector. We are a rental car company that buys over 2,000 cars a year and, due to that buying power, we receive the highest rental pricing available from manufacturers.

We deliver car subscriptions to customers, specialising in vehicle rentals for ride-share drivers.

We understand that people are opting for shorter commitment periods rather than the traditional ownership model. Everyone is unique, what suits someone for their mobility needs may not suit another.

Fido Rideshare